Medicare Supplement Plan N

For New Mexico residents willing to share some of the costs of healthcare, Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan N* from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico is a smart choice. With coverage for your Part A deductible, hospitalization coinsurance, foreign travel emergency care, skilled nursing copayment, and more, this plan is a smart solution for supplementing Original Medicare benefits.

This plan makes it easy for seniors to secure reliable health care at an affordable price. Coverage includes Part A deductible ($1,632), 100 percent of hospitalization coinsurance from day 61-90 ($408 a day), hospitalization coinsurance from day 91 and beyond ($800 a day with Lifetime Reserve), and 100 percent of Medicare-eligible expenses in the hospital for an additional 365 days after Medicare benefits end. In addition, the first three pints of blood are covered 100 percent.

Original Medicare pays for the first 20 days of skilled nursing care. Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan N picks up where Medicare leaves off by paying the remaining amount ($200.00 a day) for days 21-100. Plan N also pays your Medicare copayment/coinsurance for hospice care.

Benefits Summary

Part A deductible ($1,632)

100 percent of hospitalization coinsurance days 61-91

Extra 365 days of hospital care after Medicare coverage ends

100 percent of the cost of the first three pints of blood

100 percent of the skilled nursing facility copayment days 21-100

Medicare copayment/coinsurance for hospice care

80 percent of Foreign travel emergency care (after a $250 deductible, up to $50,000 lifetime)


With Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan N, you can expect to pay for a monthly premium, your Part B deductible, and excess charges, hospitalization costs beyond the extra 365 days after the Lifetime Reserve is used, skilled nursing care after 101 days, a $20 copayment for office visits, $50 copayment for emergency room visits and an annual $250 for foreign care along with 20 percent of costs up to a $ 50,000-lifetime benefit.




*Not connected with or endorsed by the U.S. Government or Federal Medicare Program